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Andrew and his wife were both working in Melbourne, and they wanted to have wills made. Sounds simple enough, but with both of them working full time and in different parts of the city, finding a time to meet with a Lawyer together was a struggle. Doing so meant taking time off work, which seemed like a waste of annual leave.

They now live in regional New South Wales, where there are fewer legal service choices and less competition driving customer service. If finding flexible services was hard in Melbourne, it is even harder outside of the capital cities. Zingler Legal provides a solution.

Businesses are increasingly moving online, and are as a result able to meet customer needs in new and flexible ways. The law is slowly evolving as well, allowing for more online transactions. It is possible to provide a quality service to people at a time and in a location convenient to them.

Zingler Legal is just that. A law firm offering traditional services through an innovative medium. Take advantage of our services from wherever you happen to be.


Andrew Zingler

Andrew was admitted to practice as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Victoria, the High Court of Australia, and is now registered as a Solicitor in New South Wales.

Having trained at Melbourne University, Andrew completed a Practical Legal Training Course at Leo Cussen Institute, whilst working full time at Galbally Rolfe, a Legal Firm in the Melbourne CBD. After being admitted to practice, Andrew remained with that firm for a year before moving to Stary Lawyers (now Stary Norton Halphen). At Stary Lawyers, Andrew appeared on a daily basis at Courts throughout Melbourne, country Victoria, and in Sydney. Andrew was promoted to Senior Associate and managed Stary Norton Halphen’s office in Geelong.

Andrew appeared in Court on behalf of his clients, as well as instructing Barristers to do so, across a complex range of legal matters, with a focus on Criminal Law. This is a high stakes area of practice, and taught Andrew the value of preparation. Most cases are won or lost in the preparation, before anyone gets to their feet in the Court room.

Having spent seven years at Stary Norton Halphen, Andrew became a skilled advocate and Lawyer, with a focus on fighting for the rights of his clients. Having moved to regional New South Wales, he has now brought his wealth of experience to a new context. He believes in a flexible and high quality legal service, and is prepared to put in the work to make sure you get the result you are hoping for.

Andrew is a keen vegetable gardener, and spends his free time with his wife, dog, and chooks, producing and eating seasonal produce.