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Selling your property is a big decision, and you want to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. Talking to us before you advertise your property will help avoid unnecessary delays or hiccups along the way.

If we are retained before the property is advertised, we will be able to draft your contract, and run the necessary checks to make sure you don’t fail to disclose anything which you are required to. Having us involved early will allow us to communicate with your chosen agent, and make sure everyone is on the same page. Once a buyer is found, we will be able to insert any negotiated special conditions, and arrange for contract exchange to be dealt with electronically.

After the contract is signed and exchanged, we will manage the sale for you. If you would like a general outline of the conveyancing process, click here.

Whilst each case is different, our fee structure remains the same. Please see below for a comprehensive costs estimate in your matter.


OUR Professional Fees

Navigating the legalities around conveyancing can be daunting. We’re not just conveyancers - we offer the full spectrum of property and legal services, so we can deal with anything that comes up.

We work on a fixed fee basis. This means that where your conveyance proceeds as expected, you will pay no more no matter how many emails or phone calls we have to make on your behalf.

You can rest assured that when you put us in charge of your case, it will be handled by a Solicitor, qualified to handle the full range of conveyancing and legal services.

This means if something unexpected pops up we can react immediately, rather than getting someone else in the office up to speed or referring your matter out to another firm.


When we meet we will ask for some details about your property. Then, once you have given us the go ahead, we will draw up the contract of sale and seek the necessary disclosure materials. There is no additional cost with respect to the preparation of your contract.

Without a contract, you will be unable to advertise your property for sale. We pride ourselves on drawing up your contact as quickly as possible.


$880 incl. GST fixed fee



There are a number of disclosures you are required to make in drawing up your contract of sale. If you fail to make the required disclosures, your purchaser might be able to back out of the sale later in the piece. The disbursements required in your particular case may vary.

Disbursements are a necessary cost of any property sale. Every conveyancer will make these enquiries, and costs vary depending on location. We cannot be precise as to costs until we start work on your case, but in most cases, the enquiries will be limited to the below:


Electronic Contract of Sale: The official contract created by the Law Institute of NSW. A new copy must be purchased for each property transaction.



Title Search: Necessary to confirm the details of the property.

Plans: Reveals details of the property boundaries and other relevant matters.



Web Verification of Identity (per person): Required by law to prevent fraud in property transactions.

Council Plannoing Certificate: Planning details affecting the property.


Sewerage Diagram: Discloses any unpaid sewerage or water costs, and ensures that the settlement figure can be adjusted appropriately.


Land Tax Clearance Certificate: Reveals any outstanding payments of land tax due to the office of state revenue.









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